The 50th Anniversary of BBC Radio Leicester is on 8th November 2017.

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Before the Asian Network

BackgroundPosted by Stephen Butt Tue, November 08, 2016 12:03:15
It is true to say that BBC Radio Leicester pioneered broadcasting for diverse communities, and particularly the growing Asian community. With thanks to Dave Kirkwood, this image records the work of the station in this field in the early days.

In this photograph from 1968, Mr Nazim Muradali and his wife, Mrs Vidya Pooran-Muradali, from Trinidad, are with Station Assistant Dave Kirkwood and Rita Chapman, the producer of the ‘Programme for Immigrants’. Nazim Muradali was an MP in Trinidad and at one time a popular radio announcer. He still serves as a Justice of the Peace in his home country. His late wife was formerly the Principal of ASJA Girls College in San Fernando.

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Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Liam McCarthy Mon, March 20, 2017 17:47:06

Actually ... the first truly Asian programmes were produced by BBC Radio Nottingham (Nawrang) and BBC Radio Sheffield (Majolis) both in 1968. BBC Radio Leicester with Milan came late to the party in 1971 .... but boy did it make up for the late start!