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The Undercroft

BackgroundPosted by Stephen Butt Thu, November 10, 2016 15:42:42
The BBC studios at 9 St Nicholas Place are located in the heart of the old town and close to the centre of the Roman settlement, so it is not surprising that a lot of interesting history lies beneath its modern foundations.

This undercroft, dating to the late twelfth century, was first discovered in 1844 (as far as records suggest) when the building which was demolished to make way for the BBC building was itself constructed.

Above (right) is a photograph of the structure from 1844 next to (left) the same view in 2002/3.

Its re-discovery took place a few years before the BBC moved onto the site when the old building was being used as an antiques warehouse. The wife of one of the antique business partners was taken to A&E when the ground gave way above the undercroft and she fell down into it, breaking her leg.

When formal excavations began, the first archaeologist to venture underground was Dr Richard Buckley who was later to direct the team which found the remains of Richard III.

Read more about the undercroft and the ULAS excavations here.

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