The 50th Anniversary of BBC Radio Leicester is on 8th November 2017.

This unofficial blog aims to tell the story of Britain's first UK mainland local radio station, and to celebrate its achievements with the help of former staff, their families and our listeners.

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Me and My Movie Part 2

Open Centre MemoriesPosted by Stephen Butt Sun, November 06, 2016 14:50:17
When all ten movies had been completed, we invited the children with their families to join us for a red-carpet premier screening. And we provided a real red carpet and a pink stretched limo!

The film-makers rose to the occasion magnificently with dress suits and party frocks.

It was their reward for many weeks of concentrated and focussed hard work, and an immense amount of creative energy.

..and they all loved the celebrity status, if only for one night (well, in fact an afternoon!).

Athough the BBC Open Centres were costly to operate and sometimes had difficulties in connecting with the general output of the radio stations, it is yet to be seen how much they contributed to the public's awareness of the BBC, and how many young people were reached and encouraged to further their talents and skills.

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Me and My Movie

Open Centre MemoriesPosted by Stephen Butt Sun, November 06, 2016 14:23:07
In 2007, BBC Radio Leicester worked with CBBC, encouraging local yougsters to come into the BBC Leicester Open Centre to create films from scratch. Over the summer, more than one hundred children took part, all playing hands-on roles.

Here is my Creative Producer at that time, Keran Poonia, explaining how DV cameras worked. Keran took the lead role in this project, producing ten complete short films in ten weeks.

After the confines of Epic House, it was great to be able to welcome people to a really amazing building.

The children who took part, each spending a full day with us, were amazingly creative and great fun to work with. I once found a young boy lying on the floor covered in what looked like blood and bandages. It was, however, merely make-up for a horrror film, having raided our cafe for tomato sauce and our first aid box for bandages!

Some of the young directors explored beyond the studios for appropriate sets, using the surrounding buildings. This is the garden of Wygston's House, opposite 9 St Nicholas Place.

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When the Daleks came to town

Open Centre MemoriesPosted by Stephen Butt Sun, October 02, 2016 17:02:01
The Radio Leicester Open Centre was a great but shortlived idea which became a victim of the BBC's financial cutbacks in 2007. However, in the two brief years of its life, the project brought much enjoyment, life and colour to the station, as this 'visit' by some of Dr Who's most familiar foes most certainly demonstrated.

Over 600 visitors came through the doors of 9 St Nicholas Place in just three days, many wanting to have their photograph taken next to a Dalek or Cyberman. The exhibition also featured on East Midlands Today.

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